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Pyromasse is Marcus Flynn designer and artisane.

Pyromasse Inc.
10 Old Dunham Street
Stanbridge East
Québec, Canada J0J 2H0
Tel. 579 433 8890

The Pyromasse website offers information concerning the historical and technical development of the masonry heater and an overview of Pyromasse and its current activities within the Province of Quebec.

Operations: Construction of contraflow masonry heaters, European-style masonry bake ovens and cookstoves.

Field of Operations: Global

Qualifications : Marcus Flynn : R.B.Q. Licence # 8335-8119-53
: Holder of Quebec Mason card # 104-326-066
: Member of the Moscow Stove Builders Guild # 0001179

Experience: Construction of over 100 masonry heaters, ovens and cookstoves in North America and Europe. Though primarily self-taught, Marcus Flynn has, and continues to be, inspired, encouraged, and assisted by the masters of the North American field: Albert Barden, Norbert Senf, and Eric Nilsen.


Specialties: Aesthetic brickwork: particular interest in the early Art Deco design period of the 1920s.

Pyromasse associates with the anarco-communist principals of social revolution.


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