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Bacchus: Burnt Clay Relief Arch Pieces

Two sets of 2 springers and 1 key to make a 4 foot segmental arch. The pieces are in burnt clay and were made c. 1900. They are compatible with an 8 1/4 inch brick ( if used for intended purpose ) The remaining two of six sets originally layed in segmental arches over six windows of a houses facade on the Mount Royal Plateau Montreal Quebec.

$ US 350.00 per set ( of two springers and one key ). Plus shipping.

The two springers or 'skewbacks' and key that make up the arch kit. The key is molded with the face of the classical god Bacchus, god of ritual mutilation and wine. His eyebrows and beard are represented by stylized vine leaves. The two springers are molded in the form of stylized vine leaves and grapes.

Dimensions: Key: 11" High. 9" Wide at top and 6" at bottom. 3 1/2" thick at bottom and 2 11/2" at top.

Springers: 8 3/4" x 8 1/4" x 6 1/2 x 6 1/4". 2 1/4" thick.

View of the three pieces of the set showing obvious signs of authenticity.

Detail of the key showing the extent to which the surface of the material has weathered in the hundred years it has been exposed to the weather.

Though intended as decorative structural pieces, here an identical set has been incorporated into the facade of a masonry heater for purely aesthetic reasons. The brick and the relief pieces are originally from the same wall.

Two openings arched with identical arch kits. (The dwellings facade has 4 windows arched in this way.) The kits offered for sale have symmetrically opposite springers, unlike the arch to the right which is formed from two left-hand springers. These relief pieces (particularly the one on the left) have not withstood the elements to the extent that the ones for sale have. The almost melted condition of the pieces forming the arch at left, gives rise to suspicion that these particular pieces were period, sub quality imitations taken from moulds of the originals.
Plateau Montroyal 1910.

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